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Why Us?
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>> Why Use Us?
We believe it is the individual member of staff that is the essential component of a team, and thus of your entire business organisation.
So, by starting with the individual – making them feel better about themselves, learning to see themselves in a positive way – they will become happier, work more effectively and become more dedicated to your organisation. In short, their contribution will be greater.
The importance of your staff learning to value themselves cannot be underestimated: most organisations only use 40% of their employees’ potential, the other 60% is wasted. So how can you tap into the missing 60%? By developing your people! Personal development is the key to business success: by expanding your peoples’ potential you are expanding your business potential.
By participating in our training, your staff will learn to see themselves in a new light, and begin to appreciate their skills, qualities, strengths and special talents, so that they become more positive about themselves, their futures within your organisation and their lives in general.
You already know that your employees are your most valuable asset, and that it is more cost-effective to retain them, rather than recruit replacements. So, if you want your people to put more in to their work for you, discover for yourself just how effective John McNamara Associates’ training can be!